Microwave Characterization

We assist in microwave charachterization of a variety of materials in solid and liquid form


Rectangular Waveguide


Rectangular Waveguide

According to the type of microwave absorber material/composite, their respective microwave properties such as complex permittivity and complex permeability is extracted using rectangular waveguide and co-axial airline connected to vector network analyser (VNA).

This measurement is done in particular test frequency range and microwave absorber composite sheets of standard dimensions are placed into their respective waveguide/co-axial airline.


Microstrip line testing

We assist in microwave absorption as well as EMI shielding testing of microwave absorber fabrics in the given frequency range


LIQUID testing

We assist in microwave property testing of a variety of liquid samples as per the user specification


Fabric Testing

We assist in microwave testing of antenna and sensors based on microstrip line as per the user specification.


Powder testing

We assist in microwave properties investigation of powdered samples in the given frequency range.